Northeast United Methodist Church is an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfulling, socially just community of faith in the United Methodist tradition in Northeast Minneapolis.
Northeast United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 24, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
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In the Garden

I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses,
And the voice I hear falling on my ear,
the Son of God discloses.
And he walks with me
And he talks with me
And he tells me I am his own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known.

--C. Austin Miles, 1913

Northeast United Methodist Church

2510 Cleveland Street N.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55418



In the Garden


In the Garden Most any dry days are a good day to garden. If you are looking for a little direction then Wednesdays are the day to join us, usually May-Sept. 4-7 pm. Watch for other upcoming events!

From planting to harvest, grow with our communal community garden on the corner of Cleveland St. and Lowry Ave. N.E., grow and flourish. Fresh produce from our garden is used in our free bi-monthly community meals, shared our parishioners and us gardeners as

well as the Little Kitchen Food Shelf

If you'd like to help out, just stop by on any Wednesday evening. We'll be out there, planting, pruning and trying to make our little corner of the earth as sustainably productive as possible. There's always a weed or two that need pulling. Feel free to grab one and pull. NOTE: The parsonage garden is NOT open on Fridays. (Call the church office at 612-789-7462 for more information or view our garden updates page or a current garden to do list on signup genius for Northeast United Methodist Church Community Garden)

Community Garden Rules (not many): Northeast United Methodist Church (NEUMC) Community Garden is open to everyone!  That means EVERYONE is welcome to work with us and harvest our fresh, natural produce. We are a communal community type garden. We use fresh produce the 2nd Saturday of month so harvest lightly the 2nd week of the month.  Keep coming back, as new produce is ripe and ready all the time! You are welcome to visit or sit a while enjoying our piece of earth we care for even if you aren’t up for working, share our peace.

If you want some produce, please work a little in the garden. (weed, water, or harvest) 

If you take some food for yourself or your family, please only take as much as you need for the days meal. This helps to allow for others as is needed.

If you do pick more than you need, please help us DONATE our fresh produce to Little Kitchen Food Shelf.

The Little Kitchen Food Shelf is located at Grace Center for Community Life, 1500 – 6th St NE, at the corner of 5th & 15th streets (in the former Holland school building) 612-788-2444.   Deliver the Food yourself! Food Shelf Hours; Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 am to Noon; Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm or mark it, put in kitchen refrigerator and we'll deliver it. Thank You so Much for your Work, Your Presence, Your Care!    

Eat well, laugh often, love much!

Our walipini is working and delivering fresh produce to Little Kitchen. For information on our underground greenhouse, go here.



If you would like to help out in the garden please access and go to Spring 2018 Garden to do List NEUMCCG


P Church Location


Dates planted & your initials

Comments Note details about the variety of seed ie Sweet Bell Pepper, Burpee Organic, 85 days


Comments historical info

Lowry Raised Area Between Two Entries  (LUp1)

5/23 Sc planted 12 tomato plants

5/29 Sc planted cucumber seeds

Pole Beans


Cucumbers front east corner

5/24 sc planted cucumber transplant

(Pole Beans, Cabbage, Eggplant didn’t plant due to step repair to be done this summer)

Morning glories, bachelor buttons, daisies, sunflowers, thyme & oregano growing freely

Lowry Lower Area Between Two Entries (LLo1)

Red geranium & purple petunia Westest

Planters by entry  spike, red geraniums, purple wave petunia, East most planter Tomato                 ,

Sweet dumpling squash if Cindy S has or jalapeno peppers             and opal basil

Red Currant Bushes  (take some spreader roots to transplant a few bushes to the parsonage near nw corner of home and lot)


Current Bushes

Wooden Planters, onions,  eggplants,

Lowry Sign Area (LUpSign)

Lowry East of Sign  (LUp2)

Lowry Low Sidewalk area (LLo2)

Geraniums sj

Broc plants & collards onionsj

White alyssums                 & red geraniums sj 5/25

Perennials red clematis, red lily, honeysuckle, salvia, silvermound, purple clustered bellflower, blue delphinium

Broccoli plants, Collards seeds of change organic and onions 6/6/17 sj(Beets NA)

(Eggplants na)

Red Canna Bulbs

Perennials Iris, daylilies, tulips, daisies, blackeyed susans, russian sage


Peppers Sweet California Wonder Burpee Organic 75 days transplants, purchased orange & green pepper plants

Perennials & Red Canna Bulbs

Lowry Between Linden Trees


5/24 sc planted bush beans, 3 hills of cucumbers

5/29 Sc planted bush blue lake beans

5/29 Sc planted cucumber s

Bush beans Burpee blue lake

Cucumbers burpee garden burpless,seedless

Moongold Apricot Tree we think died this Spring we will wait until fall to remove and not plant another fruit tree in this location do to large Lindens shading

Cabbage Chinese Michihili Botanical Interest 6/6 in northern most bed area sj

  • Mortgage Lifter Beefsteak Tomatoes,

  • Tomatoes Mortgage Lifter Burpee Heirloom 80 days transplant 5/18/17, & Basil Heirloom Purple Opal Organic Renee’s Garden 45 days, Tomato Nebraska Wedding

Lowry Closer to church



Parsley, Thyme


Add to flat leaf parsley & chives to flowers

Cleveland & Lower upper around linden (CLUp)


Cherry Tomatoes

Perennial flowers, Astilbe, Iris, Garden Phlox, Purple Coral Bells, Bellflower Campanula, Garden Bench


Perennial flowers, Astilbe, Iris, Garden Phlox, Purple Coral Bells, Bellflower Campanula, Garden Bench

Corner Cleveland & Lowry lower



Luffa Sponge Squash                   

Perennial flowers wine peony, shrub, daylily, new peony, daisies, strawberries, phlox

Sungold apricot bare root tree

5/4/18 Sva planted Sungold apricot bare root tree

Cherry Tomatoes Perennial flowers wine peony, shrub, daylily, new peony, Moved the Apricot Manchurian 2016 , daisies, strawberries, phlox

Cleveland Upper Bed near Linden Trees (CUp2)

5/10 Sc planted in cold frame 3 tomato, 6/6 basi tat tsoi carrots radish kohlrabi, fennel sj

6Bok Choy/Pac Choi Tat Tsoi Johnny Seeds south of cold frame 6/6/18 sj, Carrots purple haze Johnny Seeds 6/6/18 east of cold frame,/ 3 tomatoes in cold frame 5/10/18 sc and sweet basil valley green heirloom also added 6/6 interior edges sj, northwest of cold frame radish easter egg blend Botanical Interest, middle row early white vienna kohlrabi Lake Valley Seed 6/6, ne row heirloom bulbing fennel romanesco organic Renee’s Garden sj

5/3 SC planted collard  and arugula seeds.

5/27 Sc planted 2 rows bok  choi, 2 rows Bibb lettuce, transplanted mustard

Collards Vates Valley Greene 60-75 days, Arugula Rocket Burpee Organic 35 days

7/19 added 2nd planting of basil & mizunna greens

Cleveland Front Wall (CUp1)

5/18 Sc planted 2 rows beets and 2 rows carrots

6/6 sc planted bulls beet seeds where they did not come up

6/6 sj gourds kohlrabi mini pumpkins

Bulls blood beets gardening matters and Harris seeds.  Nantes coreless valley greene and Danvers half long Burpee

South of beets and carrots compact vininig gourds Bath Loofah sponge 1 plant and seeds Renee’s Garden 6/6

South of luffa 2 rows early white vienna kohlrabi Lake Valley Seed 6/6 and south of this mini pumpkins Jack Be Little Burpee Heirloom 6/6 sj

(Sweet Basil na)

(Peppers na)

5/6Sc planted spinach, French radishes, red Russian kale, red swiss  chard

5/7 planted mesclun, Bibb lettuce

5/24 Sc planted 2 areas cherry  tomatoes plants

  • Spinach Corvair Johnny Seed, Radish French Breakfast Burpee Organic23days, Lettuce Mesclun Classic Mix Burpee 30days &  Bibb, Chards Swiss Ruby Red Burpee Organic 55days, Kales Red Russian Seeds of Change Organic55days,

  • 5/24 sva eggplant transplant

  • 5/27 Sc planted zucchini

  • 7/19 2nd planting radishes, mixed lettuce and mesculin blend

Cleveland Upper (CUp3)

Plum trees are Pipestone and Toka

Planter orange canna, red-orange begonia

Perennials Iris, Daylily, rhubarb


Planter orange canna, red-orange begonia

Perennials Iris, Daylily Fall transplanted rhubarb because of drainage and walkway installed

Cleveland Raised Bed (CUp4)

5/2 sc planted peapods

Pole beans

⅝ Sc planted Bibb lettuce  mesclun, Swiss chard, kale, radish

5/20 sc arugula   seeds

5/29 Sc planted pole beans seeds

Peapods small  package

Pole Ferry Morse beans

Kale scarlet savers, botanical interests lacinato

Swiss Chard, burpee red

Mix lettuce, burpee mesclun, bibb

Radishes,  valley greene early scarlet globe, burpee white icicle

Arugula plant Harts seeds

Burpee Kentucky blue pole beans


5/3 SC planted scarlet Nantes carrots and bulls red beets.

Beans Garden Pole Kentucky Wonder Burpee Heirloom 65 days, Heirloom Pole Beans Rich Purple Pod Renee’s Garden Organic 60-65days, Peas  Oregon Sugar PodII Burpee Organic 68days,Beets, Carrots Nantes Coreless 2 pk heirloom Valley Greene & 1 pk Burpee Organic 70days, , Beets Bulls Blood Harris Seeds 35-58days  

7/19 added more pole beans green and purple same names as in May

Cleveland Herb Garden


5/16 sc planted basil plants, flat leaf parsley

5/20 Sc planted cilantro seeds ,

Lavender plant and rosemary 5/24 sj

Staggered planting dates of sweet basil               , Thai basil ,cilantro                          ,

Bedding plants 1-3 plants of Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, ?

Perennial herbs: chives, garlic chives, some flat leaf parsley and curly, lavender, sage, thymes & Perennial flowers: White Coneflower, russian sage, feverfew. Culinary annual herbs taller towards back center areas.

Cilantro valley greene

6/7 Sc  planted sage transplant,  already transplanted sage, rosemary, lavender.  Planted seeds cilantro, purple basil, spicy globe basil, and Planted 5/22 (sc)

7/13: Sc planted cilantro seeds cilantro

7/13: Sc planted snow peas

Culinary Herb(replace boards with stone before planting herbs)  Basil: Sweet, Thai, Lemon; Rosemary,Cilantro, Parsley,

Obelisk:Sweet Pea, Nasturtium,Cardinal Flower or?

Perennial herbs: chives, garlic chives, some flat leaf & curly parsley,

7/3 added seeds for alyssum, lemon basil, Perennial herbs: chives, garlic chives, some flat leaf parsley and curly, lavender, sage, thymes & Perennial flowers: White Coneflower, russian sage, feverfew. Culinary annual herbs taller towards back center areas.

Cleveland Inside Corner Next to Building entry (CLo5)

6/6 hollyhocks

Hollyhock Peaches ‘N Dreams Livingston Seed Co 6/6 sj


Perennials hosta, veronica, red beebalm, rhubarb and more need to check with Cindy O

Cleveland Next to Building


Pie pumpkin plants 5/29

Move elderberry bushes & spirea bushes before planting seeds,

Sunflowers,peas hollyhocks, asparagus, i pumpkins, carrots as front border

Children planters & grapevine still need to move the angle of playhouse didn’t finish last year

6/? Sva planted pumpkins, asparagus. Hollyhocks, sunflowers

North Side of building on Cleveland Planting closest to building brick areas sunflowers & hollyhocks, trench area for planting asparagus after moving spira bushes to new planting location,hope to have kids planting pumpkins on Sunday, May 22nd between asparagus and cherry trees little bench for kids next to cherry trees with sand and pea rock and wood chips, turn playhouse quarter of turn so the window is more visible for puppet show after playhouse in correct position will attach painted flowers, sign and plant grape vine that will climb over arbor roofing area of playhouse, add a planter of flowers for children to care for and a spot for their garden tools and gloves, maybe a couple puppets inside on shelves

Cleveland North of herb next side walk (CLo6)

5/18 sc planted 3 eggplant plants

5/24 sc planted 2 cherry tomato plants.

Top of hill area plant red  canna bulbs & dahlia bulbs

Tomato next to walk for renterers       

Zucchini next to Apricot

Red geraniums    red & white petunias  purple alyssum around old parsonage walk and entry with tomatoes    

Juniper shrub, blue berries bushes, hydrangea limelight & endless summer, lingonberries, cranberries, everbearing strawberries,white daisies(cut back after bloom), tulips, apple trees, Manchurian Apricot

5/24 Sc planted zucchini hills, eggplant transplants cherry tomato

Summer squash, perennial strawberries, scarlet kale, red  canna bulbs & dahlia bulbs, transplanted the 2016 Manchuraian Apricot tree in with Ellen White plantting method during EcoKids camp Juniper shrub, blue berries bushes, hydrangea limelight & endless summer, lingonberries, cranberries, everbearing strawberries,white daisies(cut back after bloom), tulips, apple trees

General Comments Church Gardens 2018:

Plant the smaller planters with nasturtium seeds so they will trail out of pots and then whatever you would like of flowers and edibles as you wish.

The planter next to the handicap pole has a type of dianthus perennial if it lived to plant around.

The two greenish planters in boulevard on cleveland also have some dianthus perennials it they lived to plant around.

2 hanging planters with geraniums, petunias, alyssum, 5/25 sj

Parsonage Location


Date & Your initials

Comments Note details about the variety of seed ie Sweet Bell Pepper, Burpee Organic, 85 days



1A Raised Bed Westest by fruit trees

Cindy S started squash

Zucchini Italian Ribbed Calabacin Squash

Spaghetti Squash transplanted 5/25

SL 5/3/17

Onions Walla or Vidalia bed next to apple & cherry tree

Ground area between sidewalk and first raised bed

Squash Cindy S

Komachio Squash started and transplanted by Cindy s

SVA zucchini 5/17/17

Potatoes 5/22/17 cls

Ground area next to red fence

Potatoes  , Summer Squash Italian Ribbed Zucchini Calabacin Burpee 58 days

New 1B  Raised


5/10 sc planted in cold frame basil and tomato plants

Outside of cold frame Collard Greens 5/25, Green Early Cabbage Green Copenhagen 5/25 , Red Cabbage plants transplanted 5/25 sj

SL beans & peas 5/10/17

6/14/17 slc replanted bean  seeds

Beans  Green Kentucky Wonder & Oregon Sugar Pea Pod II Burpee Organic

Sarah’s Flower Bed Under Bay Window

Red verbena and allysum

The  flower bed under Sarah’s bay window has a Hydrangea (blue Endless Summer) on north endGwith mixed reds of dianthus and iris in the middle and then Sarah is going to plant some shorter blue balloon flowers.  Dianthus Mixed,

Red verbena, white alyssum 5/26

SL cosmos & poppies 5/17/17

The  flower bed under Sarah’s bay window has a Hydrangea (blue Endless Summer) on north end with mixed reds of dianthus and iris in the middle and then Sarah is going to plant some shorter blue balloon flowers.  Dianthus Mixed, Cosmos Sensation Mixed Colors Heirloom Lake Valley Seed, Red Corn Poppy Heirloom Crimson Legion of Honor Rene’s Garden

Straw Bale between red fence &  1B


No space  since enlarging


No space since enlarging beds

2A Raised Bed

Broc  Kale onions 5/25 sj

Red russian kale transplant and seedBotanical Interest  5/25, Kale Vates southern exposure seed exchange, Broccoli Destiny transplant, seeds Waltham 29 Lake Valley, yellow onions 5/25 sj

SL Collards 5/10, cabbage 5/18

Sj collards 6/15

Collards 5/10/17, Cabbage 6 ct Assorted Plants Red, Green, Savoy 5/18/17, Planted more collards 6/15/17

2B Raised Bed

Salad Greens 5/25 sj

Lettuce Bibb Burpee Organic 5/26, Lettuce Bibb Butterhead Schweiter’s Mescher Bibb So Exposer seed exch organic 5/26, Swiss Chard Heirloom Rainbow Cornucopia 5/26, Endive Broad-Leaf Batavian Escsarol Harts Seed , mizuna a few seeds 5/26 sj

SL Broccoli 5/10 & plants 5/17/17, Kales 5/14/17

Broccoli Waltham 29 Lake Valley Organic Seed 75 days  5/10/17, Green Broccoli 10 Plants & Broccoli... DiCiccio 8 transplants from Walipini, Kale Red Winter Botanical Interests Heirloom Organic 50 days, Kale Italian lacinato Nero Toscana Botanical Interest Heirloom Organic 62 days 5/14/17  

3A Raised Bed

Greens peas, turnip greens, beans pole 5/26

Turnip seven Top salad variety Harts seed 5/26, soaked snow pea pods Johnneys Seeds  to climb on tomato cages and green Kentucky Wonder pole beans Ferry-Morse to grow on the trellises 5/26

5/10 sc planted

Arugula, Bibb lettuce, mesclun, mustard, 2 spinach, 2 Swiss chard, baby choi, salad blend, French radish, and transplanted greens

Arugula Rocket Burpee Organic 35 days, Lettuce Bibb Burpee Organic 75 days,  Lettuce Mesclun Classic Mix Burpee Organic 30-60 days , Mustard Mizuna Burpee Organic 45 days,  Spinach Covair & Space Johnney Seed, Cabbage Baby Choi Asian Burpee 50 days, Lettuce Gourmet Salad Blend Lake Valley Organics 30-60days, French Breakfast Radish Burpee Organic 23 days

3B Raised Bed

Peppers & onions 5/25 sj

Transplanted 2Jalapeno Peppers, 2Sweet Heat Peppers Burpee , 4 Aneihim Peppers, 1 Cindy Pepper, 1 Sw Bell Pepper 5/25 sj Walla Walla Onions 5/26

Sva tomato plants 5/17/17

Roma 5 Tomato plants, Tomato transplant 3 Brandywine Pink Burpee Organic 88 days, Mortgage Lifter Tomato transplants 9 Burpee Heirloom 80 days  

4A Raised Bed

5/16 Sc planted 7 tomato plants and 4 bell pepper plants. Water wells around peppers

3 Cherokee purple, 3 yellow Brandywine, 1 delicious . Wonder bell peppers.

SVA pepper plants 5/17/17

Pepper Ancho 3 plants, Pepper Jalapeno 3 plants, Pepper Anaheim 6 plants

4B Raised Bed Eastest

5/14 Sc planted 9

Amish paste tomatoes with water wells.

Amish paste tomato plants

5/10 sc planted 2 rows beets and  2 rows carrots

  • Beets Bull’s Blood Harris Seed 35-58 days

  • Carrots Nantes Coreless Heirloom Valley Greene 70days

Straw Bales West of 4B


5/17/17 Sva tomato plants

Tomato Brandywine Pink 4 transplants Burpee Organic 88 days New Straw Bale

Along South Garage

Cindy S 5/14

Ribbed Zucchini Squash & holly hocks and rhubarb and garlic chives don’t let hissop grow in this area it will take over

5/?sva cucus & hollyhocks

Cucumbers Burpless 3 plants and seed

Hollyhocks, Rhubarb, transplanted more hollyh

Along East Garage


? Espialia Fruit Tree


Butterfly Flower Bed Front Yard

Saved seeds of coneflowers and blackeyed susans

Wildflowers for butterflies

Extend bed area  Addition mulch and newspaper for composting out the grass and weeds to increase bed next year completed sporadically over the summer

Planted 2 5/29  blueberry bushes along the edge of the evergreen tree  on 6/5 noticed something destroyed one of the bushes sj

Morning Glory Bush Prairie Splendor BlkEyed Susans Larkspur 5/5 (SJ)

Tomato (SL)

Butterfly garden is mainly perennial flowers and hostas and then annual wildflowers added.  milkweed, red bee balm, black eyed susan, coneflower pink, dianthus mixed, hosta, blue bell campanula, goldenrod (rage weed), indian tobacco, garden phlox, obedient flower, tiger lily, iris, sedum groundcover, Planted Morning Glory Bush Ensign Blend (blue pink white mix) Botanical Interest Seed, Prairie Splendor(Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Gayfeather, Purple Prairie Clover, Standing Cypress, White Upland Aster, Prairie Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Prairie Coneflower, Brown-Eyed Susan, Prairie Ironweed, Plains Coreopsis) Botanical Interests, Black-Eyed Susan Ferry-Morse, Perennial Mix (Achillea filipendulina, Achillea millefolium, Aquilegia vulgaris, Centaurea cyanus, Cheiranthus allionii, Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Linum perenne, Lotus corniculatus, Lupinus, Rudbeckia, Saponaria ocymoides) American Seed

Flower bed at parsonage that wraps around 1A and 1B raised beds and sidewalk and driveway

5/25 fence planter red verbena

Zucchini, cosmos, zinnia, bachelor buttons driveway side, dianthus alyssum front & poppies back  along sidewalk among the perennials

Sl planted zinnia

Lots of blackeyed susans returned and daisies

Perennials  russian sage, daylilies, sedum

Front Bed Running along sidewalk and driveway


Add alyssum     & impatiens

Perennials dianthus , iris, endless summer hydrangea

Sl planted cosmos, zinnias,


Perennials dianthus , iris, endless summer hydrangea

Walipini outside

Komacho squash

Transplant the squash from in side to hillsides

West side komacho on lower ledge area

Sva brusselsprouts, celery, cherry tomato, kale

Swiss chard, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, sweet potato

On outside hill squash hubbard, zucchini squash

Walipini inside


Celery & brussel sprouts & tomato & pepper


Swiss Chard, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Broccoli

Herbal Tea Garden



Lemon basil & verbina, chamomile

Plant Lemon grass in metal ring , lemon balm, hibiscus seed for tea, calendula, chamomile, Pineapple sage,  transplant elderberry bushes to northern outer edge by other elderberries to create a row on property & fence

Perennials:  lower East area amongst Hyssop, hosta, astilbe


Sva a few shoots june

Lemon grass, lemon balm, hibiscus seed for tea, calendula, chamomile, Pineapple sage, 5/3/17 transplant elderberry bushes to northern outer edge if okay with Madison’s & fencePlanted Golden Marguerite “Kelways” aka Dyer’s Chamomile Seed Savers in lower East area amongst Hyssop, hosta, astilbe 5/22 sj, Lime Basil Johnny's Seed South Middle 5/22 nh, Lemon Grass plants in a metal ring 5/22 sj,

Northside of house

Mushrooms growing 5/29 keep watering

Keep wood chips moist spores should show when temp is 70 degrees

Sva june

Mushroom bed under lilac

Spread new spores & fresh oak wood chips

Strawbale Parsonage Blvd Area




Planted SanMarsano sva

BB 1-3

Transplanted 5/26 5/29 sj

Plant in raised beds silver bell squash, transplanted bb3 5/26potimarron squash on wire grid since small squash seperate sides with perennial June strawberries, bb2 hubbard squash or bb1 need to check bb1 Honey Dew Melons transplanted 5/29 in South bed, Champaion Raspberries Souhthern end Red on Northern end 2011

Sva silver bell and potimarron squash planted to grow on trellis

Sm trial variety

Squash Waltham Butternut Lake Valley Organics 105 days, Winter squash with June strawberries

5/27 JG set up watering system 1 area Cleveland side